Culture affects all aspects of our lives, from taking joy in world famous art pieces or rousing jazz music to the architectural fascination of industrial culture. You will find all of this – as well as our traditional family business, which has wholeheartedly committed itself to dining culture since 1956 – in the highest quality in Rüsselsheim. Enjoy our culinary prowess and true hospitality and indulge in our friendly and attentive service.

Our gastronomic philosophy, which all of our co-workers adhere to, places the well-being of the guest at the forefront. Our most important maxim is that we offer you the best and freshest cuisine. Thanks to our long-term suppliers within the region, we can guarantee the use of the best products. With these, we compose attractive specialities for you and can still offer “according to the season” one or two extra delicacies.

You can find our menu here